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The Orange Side of Wine

As the world of wine continues to evolve, our curiosity also continues to grow. The selections of varieties and new styles of wines are increasing at record levels that haven’t been seen before. One of those new styles of wines that are hitting the wine programs at many restaurants and wine bars are “Orange Wines”. But don’t let the term fool you, these wines are not made from oranges. (Phew!)

In fact, these are wines produced from white grapes. The production of orange wines dates back to thousands of years ago. The process here is that once the white grapes are pressed into the selected vat for fermentation, they leave the skins in as well. Normally, the skins are removed before fermentation for white wine production. When the skins are left in during the fermentation, it alters the color and texture of the wine. The wine begins to develop darker hues of color leaning towards a bruised apple or a tint of orange. At the same token, during fermentation, compounds are being extracted from the skins, which create richer and bolder textures.

The results of this process is that orange wines become fuller in flavor and composition. They express very unique flavors and textures. For those that have not tried one yet, we highly recommend expanding your palate and trying one. You should definitely take your time in letting the flavors develop on your palate and you should definitely have some salty and savory snacks to accompany the wine.

We provided a link to an orange wine that is being featured on our platform below for you to experience.

Koukos Winery Electra Orange Wine