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Greek Wine Club is a brand new service created by Fotios Stamos and Ari Kalos, focused on curating the best and hardest-to-find Greek wines and having them shipped directly to our customers. It’s a simple and beautiful service and our aim is to educate and supply the world with amazing Greek wines!


  • I didn’t know Greece made wines?
    Greece has been making wine for a thousand years. Research has proven that wine making has been a part of Greek culture for ages. Since, Greece is a relatively small country, it produces smaller volumes of wines than most wine producing countries. Greece has over 200 indigenous grape varieties, that produces high quality wines stemming from refreshing sparklers, crisp whites, bold reds, to decadent dessert wines.
  • Are Greek wines any good?
    The quality of Greek wines have come a long way over the past 10 years. Unfortunately, in the past, the only two wines that most U.S. consumers were familiar were either retsina (white wine flavored with wine resin) or mavrodaphne (a port-style dessert wine). Most of Greece’s premier wines never made it out of the country. A lot has changed since then: better farming practices, state of the art machinery, E.U. funding and support, training abroad, passionate pioneers, and vision. These efforts have finally put Greece on the international landscape for high quality production of wine that has intrigue international consumers.
  • Does Greece grow their own grapes?
    Greece has over 200 indigenous grape varieties. Most wineries grow their own grapes, with a small percentage purchasing them from local farmers. The production levels of most wineries are anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 cases annually. These levels ensure quality control.
  • Are there any organic wines from Greece
    Most wineries in Greece are family run and owned. They continue to practice traditional farming methods that includes organic approaches. Most wineries are including their organic farming certifications right on the label.
  • Return Policy
    All sales are final. There are no refunds for purchased orders. Damaged goods will be replaced upon review.